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China Van Goede Kwaliteit Autocontroleweger en De Weger van de riemcontrole Leverancier.


Bedrijf Details
Grote Markt West-Europa, Oost-Europa
Type Business Fabrikant, Handelsmaatschappij
Aantal werknemers 51 - 100
Opgericht Jaar 2011
Business Type Manufacturer, Trading Company
Country / Region Guangdong, China
Main Products Metal Detector, Checkweigher, Metal Separator, X Ray Machine, Needle Detector
Ownership Private Owner
Total Employees 51 - 100 People
Total Annual Revenue USD 1400000
Year Established 2011
Product Certifications(3) CE, CE, CE
Patents(1) The utility model relates to a ferromagnetic needle detector with automatic sorting and automatic regulation function
Trademarks(1) chaoqiang
Main Markets Domestic Market 86.00% Western Europe 4.00% Eastern Europe 3.00%
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